How difficult would it be to make the equivalent of Windows Terminal Server with Wine?

Jakob Eriksson jakov at
Mon Nov 1 02:48:12 CST 2004

Boaz Harrosh wrote:

> I did something similar.
> I used X, and have written an IE embeddable OCX that automatically 
> Installs X-Server and connects to the X applications on the server, in 
> my case they are Windows apps running under wine. So basically you set 
> up a web server on your Linux machine. You put a page with the 
> different apps you want to serve. The user uses IE to navigate to that 
> page. When clicking, the App comes up as a window in his/her machine. 
> First time visit Installs a 12M  Cygwin/X server.
> I do intend to publish the OCX project as GPL. And the wise-script to 
> package the Cygwin/X installation. And also have available the binary 
> package.
> Hope that can help
> Free Life
> Boaz

Wow!  That's just plain cool and useful!

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