Winetest questions

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Nov 7 16:01:13 CST 2004

1. Why are all the archived posts to wine-test-results empty?
Every message body is empty!  What's up with that?

2. The URL appears to contain
digests of all winetest results received by the server, but
this information is not documented anywhere I could find
at  Seems like a top level page is in order.

3. winetest.exe currently assumes you're running under Windows.
See main.c line 577:
   (putenv ("WINETEST_PLATFORM=windows") ||
Wouldn't it be useful to allow Linux results to be computed
and reported via winetest, too?   Presumably it could detect
that it's running on Linux somehow.  (perhaps by running uname -a...)

- Dan

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