profiling GTA4. question about polling

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Thu Nov 18 16:16:00 CST 2004

Hi Brian,

Firstly thanks for the profiling info - its something I have been waiting to
try when I get through the d3d9 changes. We have always known that routine
was bad (hence the name 'slow'!) but that confirms it. 

Re the splitting into wined3d - You asked "Is this a tedious task or does it
require knowledge of the codebase?"... It's a bit of both. I am taking it
slower because I am trying to ensure the patches get committed so I don't
end up reworking things, and I only have limited time so I don't want to
waste it. 

At the moment I am 'stuck' trying to get a particular patch in, which will
dictate the future direction of lots of other patches, so it is important we
get it right. Once that's done, I really hope to make a lot of progress
relatively quickly, and once I get beyond a certain point, feel free to hack
away. I hate the fact I am holding anyone back!

Please do take Raphael's test patch and try again - I would be interested to
know if it makes a significant difference (which I do believe it should). 

I would be very interested in any other profiling results, and if you feel
like improving things in the code please go for it. One thing I always
fancied doing was to profile the 3dMark2001SE utility, and see how close to
windows performance we can get and identify the bottlenecks.


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