Major Winelib Problems

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Thu Nov 25 13:59:22 CST 2004

Hi Sam,

--- Sam Lauber <sam124 at> wrote:
> I followed the tutorial for Winelib on my Linux system, building
> notepad. I examined the file "./notepad2" with readelf, and it said
> "Not an ELF file", and I do not have an a.out system. I opened it
> with my text editor (attached is the text I saw) and I was
> disappointed. Instead of a real "port", it was just a shell script
> that launches wine on a Windows program encapsulated in a ELF shared
> object file. I'm not happy.

Thats the way it works. The idea of Winelib is that you can use it as a
step to port your application to Linux. Now that you have a the app as
a ELF binary you can use dlopen and friends to open Unix libs and
replace parts of Linux toolkits. Winelib allows you to do this in steps
by starting with things like use Unix sockets vs Winsock or start to
replace filedialogs with GTK filedialogs. 


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