Problems using set in winedbg

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Fri Oct 15 12:35:48 CDT 2004

Bill Medland a écrit :
> Am I just doing this wrong or is it a bug?
> I am trying to figure out a problem in an application.  I want to turn on reg 
> and relay once I am into the program.  (If they are turned on initially I 
> can't get into the program because of some sort of timeout or something).
> I am following the instructions in the Wine Developer's Guide.
> I start the program itself in one terminal and get past the timeout-critical 
> bit.
> In another terminal I start winedbg, use info process to find the id (there 
> are three processes by this point), and attach to the process.
> I can now do things like 
> info share
> info regs
> etc.
> c/Ctrl-C
> Each time I get the Wine-dbg> prompt
> If I type
>     set + reg <return>
> the debugger seems to sort of hang.  It doesn't give the prompt.  As time 
> passes it complains about being not able to find rhe pdb files etc. but at no 
> point do I get the opportunity to tell it to continue.  I have tried leaving 
> it for 10 minutes after the last pdb complaint but still no success.
> Am I supposed to get a prompt?
it normally takes some time as the way it's coded now, winedbg will have 
to load debug info for most of the DLLs before being able to do the 
first set +/- operation.
So, after some time (20 seconds or so on my machine), you get back the 
Could rerun with WINEDEBUG="+dbghelp,+winedbg" and post the output ?

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