Re-implement MSVCRT *printf

Aneurin Price wine at
Wed Oct 27 17:13:13 CDT 2004

Mike McCormack wrote:
> Aneurin Price wrote:
>> Comments, anyone?
> Looks like you've put quite a bit of effort into that. I think it's a 
> worthwhile effort, however, please consider:
> * using a style more consistent with the rest of the Wine codebase

Could you elaborate on this point? I'm not sure to what exactly it is 
you're referring.

> * not abusing the preprocessor in printf.h,
> * not writing C code in the header in printf.h
Actually I don't really know why I even called it that, since it was 
never really a header, just by analogy with scanf.h I suppose :-), but 
see below...
> * preventing code duplication by implementing the A functions using the 
> W functions

The attached patch addresses these points, does it look any better?
I haven't tested it too rigorously yet, since I wanted some feedback 
without first spending ages checking it extensively, but it seems to be 
fine - just have to make sure I haven't forgotten some corner cases.

> * writing some regression tests to show your code is correct

I still don't really know what I might test here. Maybe try examples of 
cases where the current code does not act like Windows; there are also 
some cases where neither acts like windows (but they seem to have the 
same problems). The problem is I probably wouldn't think of cases where 
my code causes regressions (otherwise it wouldn't do so:-)), and this 
isn't really something in which you can enumerate all the different 
combinations of options (at least without infinite time and patience).
Thanks for your comments,
Aneurin Price
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