Wine and industrial communication like OPC

Bernd Lachner blachner at
Tue Sep 14 09:39:04 CDT 2004

>> But I have to convince my boss...
>> How meny ours do you think it wood take to get DCom to work in Wine?
>> 50 h / 100h / 500h / 1000h ?

> Good question. I'm afraid I have no idea, it's impossible to predict.

Maybe it helps, if you have a OPC server source code to see what is needed
on COM/DCOM functions. You can find a free (LGPL) OPC server on the
following link:

We are a small software company, and I know that some customers of us are
interested in OPC on Linux in the past. There is one working solution as far
as I know. It is a OPC Toolkit from Technotrend which is based on the
COM/DCOM implementation EntireX of Software AG. But its not Open Source

Some links about this:

I don't know the license cost of this products at the moment, because our
customers decided not to use Linux. 

Bernd Lachner 

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