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James Liggett jrliggett at
Thu Dec 15 20:29:43 CST 2005

> I really fear that this will end up with vendors loudly advertising linux support and 
> proudly putting linux stickers on their products where everything you find inside are just 
> the same windows .exe files and a readme stating that these will work fine with wine.
> Which at least is not what I would like to see.
I agree. :)
> The main thing the _developers_ should be pointed to(if they care about their product on 
> other platforms then windows) are some decent docs about platform-independent programming :p
Yes, they should. I think developers think about abstracting their
development around cross-platform toolkits like Gtk or QT But, then
again, far too many developers don't now, and probably won't ever. So
what then? 
> Maybe it's just me but when reading all this I got the feeling that writing windows 
> applications(which work with wine) is just *the* way to go.
> Why the hell are we running linux then?
I agree here too. Maybe this is slightly off topic in this thread, but I
still have some concerns about wine's ability to run apps. Right now,
development of wine is centered around getting certain apps to work. Not
to mention, I also think that Wine doesn't have a big enough developer
base to really address that. Windows is a *gargantuan* piece of
software. Over Wine's lifetime there have been about 800 contributors
with about 40 active now. I really don't think that's enough to get Wine
where it needs to go, especially if we want to market ourselves as a
porting solution. 
> Not that I generally disagree with what you wrote. Actually it's mostly totally fine.And 
> it's definitly a good thing when vendors care about their product running with wine or 
> companies migrating to linux trying to get their highly-specialized-app to work with wine.
> But imho it _shouldn't_ be the long term solution.
Yes, the site that Dan put together is pretty good. It's got lots of
good info. But put yourself in the ISV's shoes. If I had some big
commercial product I wanted to port, would I want to use a known
unstable platform, that may or may not work, to do it with?

Not that I mean to sound like a pessimist, but I'm really just calling
it as I see it. No offense to anyone intended. :)

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