comctl32.dll and commctrl.dll

Dripple dripple at
Mon Jan 10 04:11:01 CST 2005

I do agree with you... The point is I'd love to write a how-to run this 
app without any windiws license. Which does not mean I do not have a 
legal license here... ;-)

Holly Bostick a écrit :
> Rob Shearman wrote:
>> Dripple wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm a newbie in wine using and wine developpement. I just need
>>> information about comctl32.dll and commctrl.dll.
>>> I'm trying to have this app
>>> ( working.
>>> In fact, it works. But only using native comctl32.dll, which requires
>>> native commctrl.dll.
> <snip>
>>> Is it planned to fix commctrl.dll, to avoid piracy ?
>> You probably shouldn't admit to copyright infringement on a public 
>> mailing list.
>> Rob
> I think you're jumping to conclusions, Rob; here's the info on the 
> program (from the link)
> Description
> Full up-to-date collection of the Watchtower Bible & Tracts Society 
> publications ,including full text of the Bible(very precise "New World 
> Translation of the Hebrew & Greek Scriptures") with links,also 2-Volume 
> "Insight on the Scriptures" -- full encyclopedia of all biblical terms 
> and names,all equipped with full-featured search engine.A powerful tool 
> for Bible study.(Freely distributed by Jehovah's Wittnesses,no URL 
> available)
> So the program itself appears to be free (libre), even if there's no 
> website to actually get it from ;-) . Now, naturally what is not freely 
> distributable is comctrl.dll, but there's no indication that the OP 
> doesn't have a Windows licence and if Dripple does have such a license, 
> there's no piracy involved, afaik. I have a Win98 licence, insofar as I 
> have a retail copy of Win98 that I bought 5 years ago-- I can copy the 
> comctrl.dll that is on that disk to my Wine installation without 
> breaking any laws, can't I? (Please tell me if not, so I won't do it 
> again ;-) ).
> Holly

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