some benchmark results

Tom twickline at
Sun Jan 30 20:40:35 CST 2005

Brian Vincent wrote:

> Anything stand out to anyone?  Anyone have any insights into the results?
> As far as an intepretation goes, seems fairly obvious to me and about
> what you'd expect.. apps with heavy CPU are comparable to Windows, 2D
> and 3D apps will suffer a big performance hit, and apps requiring
> heavy IO (memory, disk) might even get a small performance boost under
> Wine (because of Linux?)

If you care to try some OpenGL benchmarks here is a couple benchmarks
that I use.

DroneZMark (OpenGL)

GL Excess (OpenGL)

Both of these benchmarks are *free* and there are other OpenGL
benchmarks out there.. I just like these two.

I know of some other small benchmarks as well that run in Wine
if your interested in them let me know.

I can run 3DMark 20001SE (DX 8.1) if I run each demo by its self
so therefor I cant get results.

I can run 3DMark 2001v1.1 (DX 7.0) and get results :)

I need to try 3DMark03 (DX 9.0a) I'll wait untill Olivers
work makes it into CVS :-)


> -Brian

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