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Katia Maculan katia.maculan at
Mon Jan 31 07:34:23 CST 2005

In the last few days I executed some tests to understand a segmentation
fault problem in my pcsdll library working with WineLib in RedHat 9.
I created:
- A little library pcsdll exporting a function that calls the TlsAlloc
- A little executable pcsmon that calls the exported library pcsdll
function and creates a window
Linking the library with the command
g++ -m32 -march=pentium-mmx -mcpu=i686 -g -shared -Wl,
when the pcsmon calls the library function the library obtains a
segmentation fault in calling TlsAlloc function.

Do you have any idea about what I miss?
PS:  I'm using wine 20050111 version

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