Wine's Registry

Brad DeMorrow syllogism711 at
Fri Jun 17 15:53:25 CDT 2005

James Liggett wrote:

>Hi Brad,
>I've been following you discussion about wine's registry format, and I
>find it interesting. I gave it some thought, I have have an idea. Have
>you thought about using XML as a potential format? Since the registry is
>a non-relational tree database, this seems to fit quite well. Plus,
>there's a few libraries that would do the dirty work for us (libxml,
>expat, many others, name your pick). It could even be possible to
>modularize the registry using technologies like XInclude or XLink. Just
>thought I'd offer my two cents.
>James Liggett
I'm quite open to all suggestions, but I really want to get the over-all 
ok to start work on it. . .  I want to make sure that people agree that 
this is a project that could benefit wine.

Please, everyone tell me your opinion and feel free to throw out ideas.


--Brad DeMorrow

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