World of Warcraft - crash in game

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Thu Mar 3 04:43:43 CST 2005

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, Alex Woods wrote:
> Sound works about the same under both alsa and oss (again alsa oss
> emulation).  It's strange that you get no sound from oss.

Sound depends a lot on the sound card. Some sound cards support only 
specific sampling rates while others are more accomodating. And that's 
just one issue, at least on the wineoss side there are a lot of other 
issues such as mmap support, full duplex support and DSP_GETOSPACE 
support that vary from one sound card to the next (and to some extent 
from one Alsa configuration / OSS emulation version to the next) and 
which all cause trouble.


And Wine is way too sensible to these issues, even more so if the 
application uses DirectSound. Part of this is because the Windows API is 
painful to emulate, but part of it is lack of debugging of basic sound. 
Unfortunately, debugging supposes one has a sound configuration that 
does not work which makes it even trickier.

What this means is that each Wine developer who has sound problems can 
essentially only count on himself to debug them. To do so I would 
recommend first checking that winmm works fine:

cd dlls/winmm/tests
make test

and if the above works, do:

WINETEST_INTERACTIVE=1 ../../../tools/runtest -P wine -M winmm.dll -T 
../../.. -p wave.c

And if the winmm tests worked fine, then do the DirectSound tests:

cd dlls/dsound/tests
make test

already you may have to manually edit the Wine configuration file to set 
HardwareAcceleration = Emulation. That's an heresy, it should be 
automatic. Anyway once you get the above test going, do:

WINETEST_INTERACTIVE=1 ../../../tools/runtest -P wine -M dsound.dll -T 
../../.. -p dsound.c

I know for a fact that many Wine users are having problems with basic 
not-low-latency stereo sound and unfortunately I have not seen any 
progress on this in the past couple of years (i.e. there are still about 
has many users having problems now as two years ago).


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