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Rob D rddone at
Mon Mar 7 17:01:49 CST 2005

Thank you VERY much. I changed alot of things, including reinstalling 
Debian to get rid of 3 different source installs, and some gcc tweaks I had 
done before I learned muc about it, but I am sure the suggestions you gave 
resulted in perfectly clean builds on Debian Sarge. After some tweaking of 
my source code, and reformatting of some text mode data files, I was able 
to get my half a million lines of code to run more than well enough for my 
presentation. I have renewed confidence in the Wine project now.

I am still having a few issues with compiling on Solaris, but they are 
probably just environment related, and my main issue of getting my 
presentation by today was VERY successful and will probably result in 
migrating our entire development team off the dreadful Windows platform!!!

I just want to stress how pivotal yours and Boaz's help was in me getting 
this project completed on time. I never would have been able to do it 
without your help. Thank you again.

I dont know how much help Ill be able to contribute to this list right 
away, since I have very little Linux/Unix experience, but I should be able 
to help with issues that come up on the list that require intricate 
knowledge of Windows API, since I have been programming on the "Dark Side" 
for over a decade now.

Ok, Ill shut up now.
Thanks again, Boaz and Vincent.

Rob Done

At 05:36 PM 3/6/2005, Vincent Béron wrote:
>Le sam 05/03/2005 à 16:17, Rob D a écrit :
> > I have attached 2 Makefiles that give me the unresolved main error on
> > Solaris10.
> >
> > AEP Makefile is supposed to make an executable from a few files and some
> > libraries.
>Now I've had time to look at this one.
>I simplified it a bit (only kept ../netclient/netclient.a and main.cpp),
>and did the same thing about paths.
>Again, I've attached the main.cpp file (Main.rc is empty).
>Here's the output:
>winebuild -o aep.exe.dbg.c --debug -C.  main.cpp.o aep
>winegcc -c   -I.   -o aep.exe.dbg.o aep.exe.dbg.c
>wineg++ -c   -I.   -o main.o main.cpp
>wrc   -I.   -foMain.res Main.rc
>wineg++ -mwindows  -o  main.o Main.res aep.exe.dbg.o
>../netclient/netclient.a -lodbc32 -lole32 -loleaut32 -lwinspool -lws2_32
>-lcomctl32 -luuid
>The resulting does run correctly, showing 12 in a MessageBox.
>Could you also try with the same files on your end, and report if it

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