unix filenames in notepad

Michael Jung mjung at iss.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu May 5 05:38:24 CDT 2005


The stuff, which is implemented in shell32/shfldr_unixfs.c is what Microsoft 
calls a "shell namespace extension". This is used quite often on Windows, for 
example to access some non USB-mass-storage based digital cameras via the 
shell. We use this extension in winecfg to map drive letters to unix paths. 
For this use case we are within the standard Win32 API: No extensions to the 
API whatsoever.

As far as I understand it up to now, it would also be possible to select unix 
paths without API modifications in the file open dialog if the OFN_NOVALIDATE 
flag is set. This true only if you register a "Junction Point" for the "shell 
namespace extension" to map it to some point in the shell namespace. The 
problem is, if we do this by default, we will always have the unix filesystem 
in our dialogs. This is probably not what we want. Winelib applications, 
which have their one .wine environment, could use it this way, however.

The question is if we want some extra API, which allows an application to 
request for the unix file system to be displayed, even if no junction point 
is registered. I don't know if we should do this and where we would put it.

Michael Jung
mjung at iss.tu-darmstadt.de

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