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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Wed May 25 05:36:59 CDT 2005

Dimi Paun wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-05-25 at 02:15 +0200, Francois Gouget wrote:
>>So there's really no point to focus on
> You are right, all these dependencies are crazy.
> First, perl modules are evil. They are outside the packaging
> system, and I had only pain and suffering from them.

I don't understand this argument 'perl modules are outside the packaging 
system'. When I installed the po4a package on my Debian system it 
automatically installed all the required packages.

Of course here we are not installing a package but using the source 
directly so the packaging system won't take care of the dependencies for 
us. But that would be just as true for Wine: Wine's configure will tell 
you that you're mising the OpenGL library, that you don't have any sound 
library, and the X development environment is missing. But then you will 
be on your own to identify the needed packages. Just the same as with 
any missing perl module.

Maybe you were referring to CPAN which is a perl-specific alternate 
solution to packages. In that case I agree, I don't like it either and 
just don't use it.

When I looked for packages providing some of the needed dependencies I 
had no problem finding all the Debian packages. The trick there is 
there's a URL where you can give the name of a file and it gives you the 
name of the required package even if it is not installed. SUSE's Yast2 
provided much the same ability. Mandrake's packaging was a bit more 
primitive but would at least let me search for packages by name so with 
a bit of guessing I made some progress. However the RedHat / Fedora Core 
package manager was awfully inadequate, offering no search functionality 
at all (<flame>they probably think the dumbed-down categories remove the 
need for it</flame>). In fact I did not find *any* perl package listed 
in RedHat's package manager! (<gripe>It also forced me to switch CDs >10 
times when I tried installing the DocBook stuff, and to add insult to 
injury it would give me an error if I did not manually umount the CD 
after inserting it and before letting the packaging system look for 
stuff on it!</gripe>)
The crux is that, while I was able to find the packages needed for SUSE, 
I had no such luck with RedHat / Fedora Core and only very limited luck 
with Mandrake. But maybe this is just because I don't know the magic URL 
like the one I used for Debian. IOW maybe someone more familiar with 
Mandrake / RedHat / Fedora Core can find more packages than I did.

> Third, the SGML tools are already a big pain. Multiplying it
> 10 fold is not a step forward. We need to find a way to deal
> with this, and I'd much rather have a self-contained po4a.

I'd prefer po4a to be as self-contained as possible too. I'll ask about 
that on the po4a mailing list (and cross-post).

Francois Gouget
fgouget at

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