Release plans

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Sun Oct 2 16:45:00 CDT 2005

> I don't even know how to debug this-- or even if it needs debugging-- as
> I don't know how to tell the difference between how Wine would act if
> the libraries cannot be found because of a lack of this update, and how
> Wine acts when the environment has been correctly updated.

My $.02 is if you're crazy enough to use a distro that requires
everything to be compiled from scratch, then you better be capable of
understanding everything that entails.  The same goes for anyone
compiling Wine from source.  If that means editing /etc/ so
the linker can find your libraries, then so be it.  Otherwise, it's
best to stick with the binaries.

Maybe we need to collect things like this into a "Release Notes" page
on the wiki?  In this case it would look something like, "GENTOO
USERS: After placing the bullets in the chamber, pointing the gun at
your foot, and typing emerge you'll need to make some small changes. 
As root, type "(echo '/usr/local/lib' >> /etc/ && ldconfig

WTF is with /var/tmp/portage/wine-20050930/image//usr/lib ...


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