Reality check

John Smith devel8421 at
Sat Oct 15 08:27:38 CDT 2005

>      If you want someone to work for you, for free,
I don't. In fact, I don't care about those bugs at all. Once again (for the 
3rd time, BTW): I just tried to make Wine a little bit more compatible with 
3rd-party applications (by supporting a way for Win programmers to specify 
WINE config parameters within executable). I was told that it doesn't make 
sense, as 'bugs are usually fixed within 2-3 days', which I had serious 
doubts about (it just doesn't work that way), so I've made a little 
experiment. I was right, you guys were wrong, and now you're trying to blame 
me? I don't really think that after all that heated conversation somebody is 
going to consider my original proposal, but frankly I don't care about WIne 
anymore - I definitely don't like this 'pay me' attitude (rather than normal 
'sorry, we didn't have time to fix it yet' attitude).

>      you have to recognize that they are giving you
>      a gift - a gift of their time.
Come on, with this attitude we won't get anywhere. I'm also spending my time 
reporting the bugs I don't really care about (except generic 'making Wine 
better'). We are all in the same boat, and on other open source projects 
(the one I'm working on - on my own, not employer time, BTW - included) 
reported bugs are treated as a help from the users, not with 'pay me to fix 
it' attitude.

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