[Now ns7] Dragon ns8 problem

Jean Magnan de Bornier jean at bornier.net
Fri Sep 2 12:53:59 CDT 2005

Le 02 septembre à 15:38:36 wino at piments.com écrit notamment:

| As far as I can remember those errors are not important. You dont use all  
| the OLE stuff on wine and I dont think most of it is implemented. This  
| should not stop your basic dictation and the text editor from working.
| The reboot system needs a "wine reboot" from console:
| bash# wineboot

OK, but I don't seem to be able to do that; when I try the install, these
messages appear, and I don't get the prompt back, unless I Control-C. If
then I issue a wineboot command and restart the install, it starts again
from the beginning, same thing exactly; if I issue wineboot on another
console without killing the first process, nothing seems to happen, and
the install cannot be started again.

So what can I try now?
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