Mike Hearn mike at
Sun Apr 2 08:23:23 CDT 2006

On Sun, 02 Apr 2006 03:49:39 +0200, Willie Sippel wrote:
> Just tested Mike's patch with realtime-lsm. Running Wine as regular user now 
> gives perfect audio with no stutter for every application I tried so far. So 
> yes, realtime-lsm actually does the trick - me happy! ;)


> I load realtime-lsm with "gid=18 mlock=1 allcaps=1" (gid 18 is audio), and set 
> wineserver to root:audio. Easy solution, great results!

I'm not sure it counts as easy. At least Fedora and SUSE already have an
LSM module loaded, for SELinux and AppArmor respectively. Some solution
based on making wineserver suid root might work but I didn't get anywhere
when I played with that.

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