Fwd: RFC: OpenGL x11drv rewrite (WoW fix)

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Tue Aug 22 06:32:28 CDT 2006

> > I did that, I created a new field in the PDEVICE structure and used two
> > new ExtEscape codes (SET_FLAGS/GET_FLAGS), but Alexandre doesn't want to
> > add new ExtEscape codes..
> > That's why I hacked even more on wine and moved the wgl implementation
> > to x11drv... and there they are, my old patches. I never bothered
> > updating them though.
> > 
> > tom
> We don't need very big changes. Basicly all code can be moved to x11drv.
> Then basicly we want access to our wglGetProcAddress function to get access
> to our wgl functions. We can dynamicly load those from opengl32 that way.
> All wgl functions in opengl32 can be stubs.I think this is the right way to
> do it. It works a bit more like a real ICD this way aswell. I believe that
> in case of a real ICD some ExtEscape-like call is used to retrieve a table
> with all exported opengl functions from an icd driver. It then does
> something similar to a GetProcAdress. The difference would be that we don't
> transfer the whole table but only a function to retrieve function calls.
> Roderick

I have asked Alexandre about this on irc. Basicly all we have to do is call GetModuleHandle("winex11.drv") and then we can use the standard GetProcAddress. That's all nothing else is needed :)



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