Wine performance (opengl)

nlataill nlataill at
Sat Dec 9 19:42:33 CST 2006


> I have done lots of OpenGL work lately. I have mainly moved some code from

> opengl32.dll over to gdi32.dll and winex11.drv. I don't think I have done
>  anything heavy between 0.9.23 and 0.9.24 which might have killed
> A regression test could be usefull. Are you sure that the regression
didn't happen
> between lets say 0.9.24 and 0.9.25?

Well, I am investigating this now (see below).

I remember staying at .23 because when .24 was out the degradation was
quite noticable.

I am now building the .23, .to .27 trees with the exact same compiler,
options (-fno-stack-protector -O2), driver (nv 9xxx), wow configuration,
and without any tree changes (I did hack opengl_ext.* since some time for
performance). I keep you informed.


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