add configure options to control support of misc packages

Mike McCormack mike at
Sat Feb 18 21:27:22 CST 2006

Mike Frysinger wrote:

> the point of the patch is to allow people to have finer control over the 
> featureset of wine ... for example, you wish to build on one machine but 
> deploy on others, you cannot be sure what features wine will require if the 
> build env has many more packages than the target host env

Building on one machine and running on others works with Wine because we 
mostly use soft dependencies.  For example, the OpenGL libraries are 
dlopen'ed where they're not strictly necessary (ddraw.dll), but 
dynamically linked when there's no point to a dll that works without 
them (opengl32.dll).

The core dlls (, ntdll.dll and kernel32.dll) have dependency 
on libc and not much else.

It's good for people to build Wine without switching off features so 
that as much of the build as possible is tested on each machine.


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