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Thanks -- that will get me started and supplying the code is not an issue.


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> Michael King wrote:
> > Troy
> >
> > Thanks for your comments. The issue with using a 'script' file versus a true
> > is really a matter of marketing.
> >
> >
> Than you'll have to do like my father did. ;-)
> Look in the source tree, You'll see that wine is just wineloader and the
> real wine is wine-kthread/wine-pthread. Hack on wineloader, first call
> it what you like than you can hard-code the Winlib to load. Don't forget
> to force WINEPREFIX to your installation so it will not conflict with
> the user's regular wine. And the source to that "Mywineloader" will have
> to be served with code. (LGPL)
> Free Life
> Boaz

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