Registry entries for serial ports not created

Pavel Troller patrol at
Sun Jan 1 23:11:09 CST 2006

> Hm must be a win9x format. Because on winNT+ it's
> "\Device\Serial0"="COM1" - exactly as symlinks in \??\.
Possibly, I don't know windoze at all. I just looked at the trace output,
which key the program tried to open, and grepped that string in my mail
archive. What I found, I entered to the registry, and the program was
happy then.
  So, to prevent guessing or entering some default values for everybody,
maybe it could be made configurable using winecfg; I can imagine a tab
called "I/O ports" or similarly, which would allow users to enter their
port configuration similarly as for disk drives. winecfg would create
dosdevices links (or its equivalent) as well as those registry entries.
              With regards, Pavel Troller

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