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> Thank you !!

I will try to compile the windows application using MinGW and check the
performance using the same DLL.

Here is the some more information that I would like to share with you  is :
 I am using the Binary only DLL. I am not having the source for the DLL. SO
I am not compiling the DLL in windows or in Linux. I am linking this binary
only dll with my windows application, (since my application uses the
function exported by this binary only DLL)
Then I moved the executable to Linux and executed using the wine <windows
I checked the execution time of  the function exported by the Binary Only

In the second Case , I created the .so for the binary only dll, such that
the functions that are exported by the binary only dll will be called from
the stub functions exported by the .so
Then I called the stub function (exported by .so)  from my winelib
But, In this case  also, I checked the time duration for the execution of
the dll function only.( by adding a code that gives the time duration, in
the stub function that calls the dll function).

As a third Case, I loaded  the binary dll directly (without creating the
.so),  using LoadLibrary ("Binaryonlydll"),  and compiled and linked the
application using Wine supplied DLL's and header files. Then I called the
function exported by the binary only dll directly from the application  and
checked the time duration for the execution of  the dll function .

In this case also we are  getting the same timing as in Second Case, but we
are not getting the better performance as in first case.
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