Corel Draw and Printing

Kuba Ober kuba at
Mon Jan 23 16:44:13 CST 2006

> There is, since a longer time ago, a wine bug #3599 about Corel Draw and
> printing. Its a very strange behaviour. I can configure what ever I want, I
> always uses the wine passthrough and sends the postscript code, of Corel
> Draw directly to the printer instead of spooling it first through the cups
> driver. I've readt all known documentations about wine and printing but
> cannot get one step ahead. Can somebody tell me the wine internal reason of
> this behaviour? I would really like to have this feature working. Why
> didn't wine spool everything first through the cups spooler (as the default
> behaviour) unless an other, explicity specified configuration tells wine to
> passthrough the spool output. The other question is, why shows  wine a
> postscript printer to corel draw? I know, I know, on Linux all printer
> interfaces are postscript, but Corel takes this info literally and
> explicitly creates postscript code (by itself) and not uses the windows
> printer api to create the printer-document.

That's probably how Corel was designed, and that's OK.

Now as far as sending "directly" to the printer, what do you mean? Why do you 
think it goes "directly" to the printer? Directly as in what -- wine dumping 
to /dev/lp0? Have you looked at cups logs?

Cheers, Kuba

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