The Dogfood Challenge: use Wine to run your web browser, etc.

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Jan 29 04:40:41 CST 2006

> Also, do we have any steady IE testers?  It would be nice to find out if
> any version of IE is currently working (registry hacks welcome), and
> what would be needed to get it to work if not?  The reason for this is
> simple...  Maxthon.
I have msie 6.0 sp1 installed in general, because I need it for various 
apps(Steam, Palm Destop and friends), and I try if it's running sometimes 
after updates(Well, if I install it, I can also check if it works). It worked 
at ususal the last weeks / months: Tricky to install, needs a bunch of native 
dlls to work, unstable, but in general working
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