Broken character models in dx8/9 games in wined3d

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Tue Jul 25 09:47:48 CDT 2006

Am Dienstag 25 Juli 2006 11:54 schrieb H. Verbeet:
> On 25/07/06, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> wrote:
> > Can we flip around the y axis in the shader?
> Well, that is essentially what Jason's hack does :-)
> > Or can we flip around the texture
> > coords when drawing from the offscreen texture? If I understand it
> > correctly this only affects offscreen rendering.
> I was hoping you would know :-)
> We would have to do some fixups when locking the surface as well, but
> I don't think that should be a problem.
Well, I'm not the shader expert in here, but if the y flip only affects 
offscreen render targets and we can find out in which conditions it needs 
flipping then we can just create a SFLAG_INVY surface flag(there are quite a 
lot of them already :-| ). The tricky part is to actually flip it around when 
drawing because we have to modify the vertices. This could be a case for 
drawStridedSlow or VBO vertex fixups. Or do the texture matrices help here? 
(/me reads up the red book)

Surface locking is the least problem, just check the flag and order reversed 
coordinates from opengl or flip the lines in software.
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