How are we doing?

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sun Jun 4 21:58:51 CDT 2006

> I'd suggest to return and carefully reread the whole paragraph I've
> quoted and replied to. It has nothing to do with a constructive talk
> about commenting the code, instead it's full of insults and hits. I'm
> not even talking about using the word "foreigners" for the contributors
> to the open source international project. I'd call the foreigners that
> kind of people who sends messages like the one I replied to, clearly
> that people absolutely don't understand what they are talking about.
> I apologize for my harsh wording, but I just can't stay aside when I see
> accusations like that one. When people are interested to contribute code
> they ask *technical* questions.

Fair enough; I did reread that paragraph, and I can see a
case for you being offended.

I don't think it was meant that way; I think it was more
of a canonical rant, but it was nevertheless a poor choice
of words.

But I don't know Molle, and I do know you, so I feel more
comfortable yelling at you.  Sorry :-/.



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