Broken FC5 packages - stay clear.

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Jun 12 09:41:16 CDT 2006

There seems to be another issue here ... you removed the rpath code with a
link to two bugs that don't seem to indicate that was causing the problem.

Now I appreciate that given RPMs are not relocatable it makes no
difference to your users but I am concerned that a problem apparently
unconnected to it caused this change. Vendor patches are bad, for Wine
they usually either mask upstream bugs or cause them.

Specifically the libGL problem is a bug in that users setup (maybe in
Fedora), and I don't think it's in Wine. I don't see where the
/usr/lib/nvidia search path is coming from - if it's LD_LIBRARY_PATH then
we should be using DT_RUNPATH in Wine and not DT_RPATH so we should fix
it. If it's in the linker config then you are relying on a very particular
combination of factors which may be true for some binaries shipped with
Fedora but are not guaranteed by the ELF or Linux ABIs - you can't have a
/usr/lib/ and always expect it to lose to

thanks -mike

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