Why winetools is utterly useless, once and for all.

Dominic Wise dominic.wise at ukonline.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 18:19:58 CST 2006

On Mon, 2006-03-27 at 21:32 -0500, Segin wrote:
> There is one reason, inarguable (if you reply to this you have a IQ
> of 
> 0) as to why WineTools is useless: Most of the WineTools 'magic' is
> in 
> it's ~/.wine/config file, which Wine no longer uses/acknoleges,
> thefore, 
> WineTools is utterly useless and has no point in existing AT ALL,

Thought it might be interesting to refer back to the email that kicked
all of this off and try to look at it in detail.

> There is one reason, inarguable 

Anything is arguable, if one has arguments that can be backed up with

> (if you reply to this you have a IQ of 0) 

Everyone has an IQ of more than 0. If they didn't, it is unlikely they
would be able to read and so would not be in a position to respond. I
also believe that anyone who reads this list has demonstrated a
remarkable degree of intelligence in trying to move as far away from
Windows as possible. The inference of this statement seems to be 'I am
right because I am. I deny you the right to disagree - if you do I have
already marked you out as an imbecile and you are not worthy of any
consideration' - sounds rather fascist to me.

> as to why WineTools is useless.

I have used Winetools when necessary, when there was no other easily
available option. IE is required for me to use online banking. I have
complained to my bank, and asked them to support FireFox and they have
declined. Winetools helped me achieve what I needed. For my specific
needs, winetools was useful.

> Most of the WineTools 'magic' 

Implication by use of quotation marks - winetools claims to be magic. It
does not, as far as I know.

> is in it's ~/.wine/config file, which Wine no longer uses/acknoleges,

Ignoring the poor spelling and concentrating on the details, I have used
versions of winetools that supported the config file, and more recently,
versions that support the newer registry configuration. Given my
understanding of current wine configuration I think the statement may be
misleading. If I am wrong, I am happy to be corrected, preferably in a
private email.

>WineTools is utterly useless and has no point in existing AT ALL,

I have already described at least one reason for it to exist. Shouting
isn't necessary, but if it makes segin feel better, that's entirely up
to him.

The point of this email is not to argue as to whether winetools is good
for Wine or not - I can see both sides of the argument. Neither do I
believe that any form of banning is necessary. I'm opposed to censorship
generally, and given that no individual attack was made such sanctions
could be counterproductive, given that segin has offered to submit code
to wine in the future.

All I can suggest is that when individuals have an opinion they believe
strongly in, perhaps it might be a good idea to read though any open
message they send before hitting 'Send' to see if it is readable and
stands up to rational criticism.

I have the greatest of respect for the entire wine community (no
exceptions) and know that with rational debate and argument wine will be
a huge (maybe the biggest) factor in ending the Windows monopoly. 

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