Tribes2 OpenGL (wgl)

Nick Burns adger44 at
Sun Oct 1 06:43:53 CDT 2006

Whow 3 posts in a row...
I am deving -- finally (ya in the AM on a sunday) -- too much real job work 
on the weekdays....

So, I have yet another problem...
This time it is with WGL/OGL
I know it is transition atm...
But... I dont know why Tribes2 is so very mad at me

Fullscreen tribes2 (in a virtual desktop) used to work before -- it would 
give me many different fullscreen modes. 640x480 -> 1680x1050 or so.

Now... for some reason -- I can only use Tribes2 in windowed mode (in a 
virtual desktop) and if I choose fullscreen -- i see no possible choices (It 
sees no resolutions or bit depths for opengl fullscreen). -- Also now all 
objects are drawn with the wrong culling AFAICT.
Tribes2 worked perfectly before -- Jul21st for example.

On a side note -- Tribes2 d3d has never worked for me... (is this different 
on Linux?)

Any ideas on either fullscreen ogl OR d3d?

- Nick

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