wined3d: Report the correct number of available 4-component float vectors for GLSL

Mirek thunder.m at
Tue Oct 3 17:54:43 CDT 2006

This bug is in latest STABLE nVidia Linux driver, there is only one 
nVidia Linux driver that is working correctly (thanks for help i tried 
it and it is working perfect) the nVidia BETA Linux driver which is 
going to be stable after one or more months! So ther should be something 
to fix this on "old" nVidia drivers.


Kai Blin napsal(a):
> On Tuesday 03 October 2006 23:48, H. Verbeet wrote:
>>On 03/10/06, Mirek <thunder.m at> wrote:
>>>This patch caused regresion in Half-Life 2 Episode One, if i have
>>>"UseGLSL"="enabled" HalfLife 2 Episode One crash about 20 seconds after
>>>start and menu page is completly white! Only the second part (second
>>>gl_max /= 4;) is the bad one, with first part evrything works well.
>>Yes, we found that out today on IRC as well. The unfortunate part is
>>that it appears this is in fact a driver bug in older nVidia drivers,
>>which that code apparently relied upon. Reverting the patch would make
>>the old drivers work again, but would break the newer (correct)
> As "make sure to install the latest version of the driver" is one of the first 
> steps in error fixing in win32, I guess that makes the patch still valid. :)
> Cheers,
> Kai
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