Make all windows moveable by default

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Oct 9 10:02:27 CDT 2006

"Vitaliy Margolen" <wine-devel at> wrote:

> The problem with it is full screen image viewer mode. When I go back to
> file browser and then to image viewer - I see full-screen window with
> caption that is shifted down. Before this change window's caption and
> borders was not visible.

I observe exactly the same (not quite right) behaviour with and without
my patch: (1) picture preview is able to go correctly to full screen first
time around after pressing middle mouse button (1), all subsequent middle
mouse presses (which should switch between normal and fullscreen modes)
don't work correctly. If I go back to main screen by a left button double
click, then it all starts from the step.

Vitaliy, what are your observations?


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