World of Warcraft Progress

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Tue Jan 2 04:46:37 CST 2007

Am 02.01.2007 um 09:51 schrieb darckness:
> First off, the D3D (DX9) runs MUCH better (faster and more smoothly)
> than the OGL mode.  Big kudos to you guys; last time I played, the D3D
> mode was completely unusable because there was no D3D support in wine.
> Very impressive.
Nice :-)
> The OGL performance isn't bad by any means, but it isn't great either.
> I was running some traces as I played, but nothing in particular  
> seemed
> to be the culprit in terms of choppiness, so it's possible that it
> could just be my system.  I'll write back soon when I have more
> conclusive evidence.  Additionally, OGL mode crashes any time I  
> attempt
> to change a video setting, something that does not happen in D3D mode.
The d3d renderer of wow is said to be much better than the ogl  
renderer, even under windows. And I think there is a bug in wow which  
causes performance issues with the GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object  
extension, you can bypass this by blacklisting it with a registry key.

> I guess my only real complaint at this point, since the D3D mode woks
> so well, is that the X cursor still shows up in the game window along
> with the game cursor.  I vaguely recall having this problem a long  
> long
> time ago in OGL mode, but I can't remember exactly what caused it  
> or how
> it was fixed.  Anyone have a better memory than I do?
Yes, that is a known problem. We haven't figured out yet when the  
cursor is shown or hidden exactly, but for wow it seems that we have  
to hide the cursor on the IDirect3DDevice9::SetCursorProperties call  
which sets a d3d cursor. Unfortunately wow only calls that if hw  
cursors are enabled, but wine doesn't do that yet. Henri Verbeet has  
some patches needed for that, but they are pretty huge and affect the  
core cursor handling down to wineserver.

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