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Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Thu Jul 12 02:07:22 CDT 2007


Is it possible to have a separate tab for fonts in winecfg, rather
than a separate program.
Its my opinion of winefontcfg, rather than having a collection of
configuration tools. Better have one.


On 7/12/07, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
> On 7/11/07, Nigel Liang (梁乃強) <ncliang at> wrote:
> > Sent in try 2:
> Not all the locals in  FontLinkListBoxWndProc really need to be static.
> (e.g. 'dst')
> Those that really need to be static should probably be initialized to
> zero, and cleared to zero after they're consumed.
> (I'm thinking of 'src' in particular; it's just scary to
> have a value hanging around in there after you do the
> move; what happens if you get a stray WM_BUTTONUP message
> later?)
> The code indentation style is nonstandard; I think wine
> usually uses 4 space, not 2 space.
> (OK, OK, I probably submitted lots of code that wasn't 4 space
> indented, but I'm sorry :-)
> You still have nonportable initializations like
> +  const WCHAR fontlinktermstr[] = {0,0};
> Wine uses ANSI C.  You cannot initialize nonstatic arrays
> at compile time.
> You have some globals with names that aren't obviously global
> or easy to search for:
> +static HWND hChild, hParent;
> This probably isn't too bad, but pi really is too
> short for a global variable name.
> - Dan
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