Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Fri Jul 13 06:42:59 CDT 2007

>I think the best thing is for Wine 
>to support things like
>LC_ALL="nn nb"
>LANG="nn nb"
>because even though we provide a Nynorsk translation, most programs will only 
>be available in Bokmål.
  It seems that Vista supports many user preferred languages and many 
system fallback languages so it should possible to implement. But I 
don't know how it works "under the hood". Are the functions from ntdll 
documented somewhere?

  I've put Chinese and Portugese on the Wiki as languages using sublang 
codes because we already have distinct translations for different 
variants using the sublang codes. Also as far as I know the variants are 
quite different and in other open source projects they also usually have 
distinct translations. But of course it would be interesting to learn 
what native speakers think about it.

Mikolaj Zalewski

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