Forum proposal

"Luis C. Busquets Pérez" luis.busquets at
Thu Mar 1 13:09:37 CST 2007

I understand that for some people the mailing list is a far better thing. May be for some other, a forum is better.

Why not having both? Running a forum does not exclude continuing with the mailing lists and could add users and developpers who find more easy coordinate through a forum.

Configuring phpBB ( does not take more than 1 hour . I have made a try in 30 minutes starting from not knowing anything about this package:

Why not trying both systems?

> I fully agree with Jonathan - the mail lists that have gone to forums I've dropped off.  I can check the mail lists 
> quickly, easily, filter as necessary and get what I need without having to sign on and wade through a bunch of posts.  
> If people really want forums setup a forum and let those who want it use it.

> > 
> > From: Jonathan Allen <jonathan at>
> > Date: 2007/03/01 Thu AM 11:20:18 EST
> > To: wine-devel at
> > Subject: Re: Forum proposal
> > 
> > On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 05:15:03PM +0100, Luis Carlos Busquets Pérez wrote:
>> > > Instead of having the mailing lists, I think that a "forum" would increase
>> > > and facilitate the group working.
> > 
> > I could agree less.  IMHO a mailing list works well by making sure that
> > everyone gets everything, without them needing to go anywhere to get it.
> > A forum wil immediately disenfranchise all thsoe who have no immediate
> > need to go and visit the forum site every day and so will miss important
> > annoucements and so on.  Bad idea.
> > 
> > Jonathan

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