A SoC proposal for discussion: PE Packers

Julien julienc at psychologie-fr.org
Tue Mar 13 17:43:39 CDT 2007

Hello all,
I didn't find a webpage on the wiki about SoC'07. However, I would like
to suggest a SoC proposal for your comments. It seems to me that there
are many bugs floating in bugzilla that are related to PE packers.

Because applications just crash due to being packed, this seems a
requirement for Wine 1.0. For a SoC, it would be very interesting if one
student takes the mission of fixing bugs related to PE packers such as:
- Shrinker (#2608, #2619)
- Neolite (seems ok see #4709)
- Aspack (#6129)
- Armadillo (#219)

This would require to define the list of PE packers to support and which
versions (as anti debugging tricks may differ depending of the version).


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