Road to 1.0

Vit Hrachovy vit.hrachovy at
Tue Mar 20 16:59:48 CDT 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:
>> In fact complete Wine-Doors / Winebot projects can serve for this
>> purpose too - as a repository of automated WINE tests.
> Yes, when I heard that Wine-Doors used autohotkey, I
> realized the same thing.
> (I gather winebot is part of wine-doors,
> I am quite skeptical of wine-doors, though, for various reasons.
> (For instance, the web site is both overdesigned and amateurish,
> the project was founded with way too much self-promotion, and
> the goals were both grandiose and poorly explained.  Doesn't
> mean they'll fail, but it does mean I find it painful to interact with 
> them.)
> - Dan

WineBot ( is a sort of lightweight 
implementation of some core thoughts, but with command line based 
interface and less dependencies. Both projects share some core ideas and 
data file formats.  WineBot goals are much smaller in scope than 
Wine-Doors ones, going in smaller steps.

The main goal is to replace obsolete and almost unmaintainable winetools 

Main idea is to make repositories of supported application packages, 
both installed from CD, HDD or downloaded from net.

For example to install Oblivion by placing CD into tray and entering

winebot install tes_oblivion-1.1.511uk

Or in case of Wine-Doors - insert CD, run wine-doors, select Games 
repository, click to add Oblivion to install queue.

Given list of manual steps required to install Oblivion
this can be automated easily and comfort would be similar to using Loki 


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