Link creation not working _properly_ under 2.6 kernel?

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Tue Mar 20 21:13:27 CDT 2007

Tom Spear wrote:
>> > 2) Is the menu location (~/.local/share/applications) pretty much
>> > universal?  In other words IF a patch were submitted to add Start Menu
>> See:
>> > creation under windows\profiles, would it require detection of the
>> > menu location, or (in the case that it is nearly universal) could it
>> > just be statically coded?
>> You talking about two totally separate things:
>> 1. Windows' "Start Menu" location
>> 2. XOrg's location for the menu entries.
>> Vitaliy.
> No I'm not.  Apparently wine is broken in the way that it handles
> making links anyways, because if you look in winecfg with a clean
> ~/.wine you see Desktop points to ~/Desktop which is not good.  The
> reason this is not good is because when a user installs a program they
> get 2 icons, one is the lnk file that is used in windows (useless in
> wine/linux for launching programs), and the other is the .desktop
> file.
You missed that discussion. It was decided some time ago that for
compatibility reasons with 1000 different distros Wine will be using
symlinks. And it works properly. But the biggest reasoning behind it is
integration. Wine should use ~/Desktop as desktop (if it's present).

> So apparently what wine needs is to have a central location to store
> lnk files that is not so visible, and then it needs to make all of the
That won't work so easily. These places can not be changed from what
they are on windows. Some stupid programs will be accessing those
directories directly, creating lnk files.

> .desktop files (both for the desktop and for the xorg menu entries)
> from those lnk files.
These places are outlined in the FreeDesktop XDG standard - see the link.

> See thread "Menubuilder fix found" and the bug linked at the top of
> that email for all of the info needed for someone that knows the code
> to make a patch..
It appears you have some strange problems with your Wine install - you
should file bugs about that. Since Alexandre moved c:\windows\system to
c:\windows\system32 I have never had a single problem with Wine creating
later properly.


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