xcopy / cmd question (lack of real exe in system32)

Alexander.Farber at nokia.com Alexander.Farber at nokia.com
Fri Mar 23 02:34:25 CDT 2007

Hello Jason,

I'm just curious: xcopy.exe is an external program in Windows,
but you want to make it a builtin command in Wine?


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> If I now run "wine xcopy", then it works (and gives a basic 
> error for now),
> but it I run "wine cmd", then "xcopy" I get file not found. 
> As far as I can
> tell, cmd will only search the path for such a program and 
> fails to find it.
> Should I add it to the fake dlls, which I think would cause a 
> file to be
> created in system32, or how should cmd handle this situation 
> as xcopy.exe.so
> isn't available on the path.

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