AppDB latest entry not shown in test-data table

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes alex at
Tue Mar 27 16:20:55 CDT 2007

Tirsdag 27 mars 2007 15:34, skrev Ben Hodgetts (Enverex):
> I just noticed an issue with the AppDB while I was browsing. The data
> from the latest submission is shown by default, but it doesn't appear in
> the table of testing data (the block below which says what OS, version,
> ratings, etc). So it means you're unable to edit the latest submitted
> test data for each app in the AppDB or see what rating, version of Wine
> and submitter it has.
> Wasn't sure where to send this so I thought I'd throw it into here as
> it's likely to find the person that needs to correct it one way or another.

Thankyou for reporting it; I am the person responsible for the problem.  The 
intention is to only display un-queued testData, but the AppDB used a 
separate query to find the latest testData than it used to find the 
associated testData, and so the code has to be fixed in two places.


Alexander N. Sørnes

> Ben H.

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