Corrupted system.reg in clustered environment - where to look?

Alexander.Farber at Alexander.Farber at
Fri Mar 30 08:37:39 CDT 2007

Hello Wine developers,

we try to use Wine in clustered environment with multiple 
Wine processes being started simultaneously on 8 to 80 Linux 
machines by a modified GNU make. The source code being built 
is located on an NFS mount visible by all cluster machines.

Unfortunately Wine fails after some time because of 
corrupted ~/.wine/system.reg. I guess multiple Wine processes
try to update some keys in that file, like (differing) 
processor steppings etc. and this goes wrong at some point.

Also I've noticed, that the registry is being re-saved every 
30 seconds (why?) - here in wine-0.9.32/server/registry.c:

	static const int save_period = 30000;
           /* delay between periodic saves (in ms) */

I've tried adding file locking using fcntl() (which should
work over NFS too) by modifiyng load_registry() and 
save_registry() as in the attached diff, but unfortunately
it doesn't help.

Does anybody have a hint where to look?

Why updating registry is needed at all and can I disable
it maybe? (And where would be the good spot to do that?)

Thank you
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