Small Direct3D milestone . Thank you - Wine team!

Thorsten Kani beebix at
Fri May 11 17:58:38 CDT 2007

Fascinating work -  please continue it! 

Please note that i am exited from Wine as a whole - without people doing 
the 'unsexy' jobs (eg: COM Work...),
Wine would never be succesful.  ;)

so long,


Stefan Dösinger schrieb:
> Hi!
> With Wine 0.9.37 we've archieved something that I allow myself to call a small 
> milestone - All Direct3D7 Immediate mode SDK demos successfully perform their 
> intended rendering. I have some screenshots on my university junk server:
> Two major problems are left though, namely windowed opengl rendering(see the 
> junk where a menu bar should be) and GetDC(there should be a little bit of 
> text rendered, I disabled render target locking to get proper performance).
> Some demos have a few smaller problems too. The bump earth and bump waves need 
> vendor specific extensions(GL_NV_texture_shader2 / GL_ATI_envmap_bumpmap) and 
> the bend demo needs GL_ARB_vertex_blend which nvidia does not support. So I 
> took that screenshot on my mac running linux(ati radeon X1600. The mipmap 
> demo renders the mipmaped texture garbled, although this works on nvidia 
> cards. The Z buffer demo says w buffers aren't supported, but the normal z 
> buffer does what the w buffer is supposed to do.
> What does that mean for gamers? Nothing fancy really, the features used by 
> games are implemented since a long time, the ones that used to miss(fixed 
> function bump mapping, vertex blending) aren't really important for games. 
> Other DirectDraw features like Overlays aren't implemented either, but we are 
> Direct3D 7 feature complete.
> Where to go from here? I am currently fixing the DirectDraw rewrite 
> regressions I can get hold of, and I am trying to make D3D thread safe 
> finally. From the application point of view my focus will stay on fixing 
> older apps first, which somewhat includes getting thread safety, render 
> target locking and GetDC working properly. My hope is also to fix the other 
> related DX7 sdk demos, like the DDraw demos(except overlays, they are highly 
> tricky with the current wined3d-x11drv integration) and getting native 
> d3drm.dll working.
> I also want to say thanks to all the small and big helpers who help with 
> technical advise, debugging and regression testing. Special thanks goes to 
> Henri without whom I'd be totally lost and who has to be credited for a huge 
> majority of the shader work in the last half year, and a lot of other things 
> too.
> Thanks and continue the good work :-)
> Stefan
> PS: As for the screenshots, my space on that server is limited, so they will 
> be gone sooner or later. I didn't want to send huge screenshots as 
> attachments, not even as jpgs.

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