Small Direct3D milestone

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sat May 19 14:55:06 CDT 2007

> Did you change something affecting D3D multithreaded apps?
I am currently working on this. Some fundamental work went into wine somewhen 
between .33 and .35, but its not active yet. It was just some data structure 
modifications to handle multiple contexts for one swapchain. Before that the 
state management rework enabled us to keep track of states for multiple 

But right now I am working on making things really thread safe, and after that 
I can debug some gl crashes with the context selection patches I posted on 
this list a few months ago so they can go in finally.

> Star Trek: 
> Bridge Commander doesn't start for me (only blank screen) since 0.9.37.
> (AppDB)
> (downloadable demo)
> I'm using the opensource r300 ATI drivers if that matters.
No idea about that. If it worked before a regression test will help

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