Linux/Windows app connection, how?

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Mon Nov 5 03:44:01 CST 2007

Hello Joshua,

Joshua Scholar schreef:
> I really want to have some way to communicate between a Linux program and 
> a Windows program running under WINE.  The connection doesn't need to be 
> high speed, a stream is fine - I'm just sending some unicode text.  I'm 
> writing both programs myself, so I can implement this in the easiest way, 
> though if there was some way to create and call a Windows COM object from 
> Linux, that would be the most direct solution...
> But reading what I can about WINE, I'm guessing that the only easy thing 
> to do is to write a Windows server application with winegcc and either 
> connect to it through a socket - or to have it spawn a Linux application 
> that it has a stream to.  But I need some sample code to know how to do 
> this, since I don't have too much time to experiment.
This comes up from time to time, the solution is always compile a
winelib app with winegcc then use sockets or something to communicate.
In your server app you can use windows and linux code mixed together.


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