XDC 2008 wishlist

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Fri Apr 4 11:55:03 CDT 2008

> Hi,
> My travel to XDC 2008 is finalized now, I am collecting the topics I
> should 
> bring up there. I already have these:
> *) Mouse input handling. I've CC'ed Vitaliy. All I know so far is that
> Vitaliy 
> said opening the core pointer as XInput device would be good. Vitaliy, do
> you 
> have any proof of concept code / test apps? Do you have time to discuss
> the 
> details? I think this is the most important topic, and I don't know
> anything 
> about it, so I should be well-prepared.
> *) Tablet support. Dan mentioned something about it, but I have no
> details.
> *) Graphics support: I'll talk to the X11 devs about including the wine
> d3d 
> tests in their driver QA. Lobby for widespread support of some rare 
> extensions(GL_NV_half_float) and help on adding some others, like for the 
> flat shading issue. Others?
> *) Discuss the opportunities we have with DRI2
> Does anyone have other items?

Most xorg devs aren't a big fan of pbuffers but they are part of the GLX 1.3 spec which drivers want to support these days. Some drivers are considering to just fail on pbuffer creation. Encourage them to offer pbuffer support on some visuals/fbconfigs. A lot of windows apps rely on their presence including Wow in opengl32 mode and lots of other (older) programs.

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