Compiling dbghelp with MinGW

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Dec 13 05:46:49 CST 2008

Francois Gouget a écrit :
> When I compile Wine with MinGW, the first error I get is in 
> dlls/dbghelp/source.c. Yet it seems to me that there is no fundamental 
> reason that would prevent dbghelp from working on Windows (i.e. it's not 
> in the 'ntdll' category).
> So the error is that although MinGW does not have regex.h and 
> HAVE_REGEX_H is not set, we still use regex_t in many places and call 
> the corresponding functions: regcomp(), regexec() and regfree().
> So how should we handle this?
>  1) #ifdef-out regexp support if regex.h is missing? Maybe with 
>     an autoconf check for regcomp()?
>  2) Add some reg*() stubs that do nothing if regex.h & co are missing?
>  3) Use some Windows API that provides regular expression support? Is 
>     there one? Is it implemented already?
>  4) Reimplement regular expression support straight in dbghelp? Maybe by 
>     importing some c files from another project with a compatible 
>     license?
1,2) most of the dbghelp code will be of no use if no regex support is 
3) doesn't exist to my knowledge
4) I don't see a reason to clutter wine's code with that

*** new option *** 5) use a regex lib for mingw... that work(ed) just fine
we could be a bit more verbose in mingw configuration for this case


Eric Pouech
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